Special equipment, accessories & customisations

Here is a selection of special equipment and accessories for our MANKAR-Drive units. A full list can be obtained on request.

Special equipment that can only be ordered in conjunction with a new unit

Guard brackets for spray hoods
Guard brackets are practical if, for example, the terrain has many hard obstacles, like large stones. The guard brackets provide extra protection for the spray hoods. 



Unit support stands for Unima-E/Varimant
For storing Unima-E and Varimant units, there are special stands, on to which the units can be placed easily and safely when not used.


Complete replacement spray hoods
Anyone wanting to use a MANKAR-Drive model, e.g. with extremely narrow and extremely wide spray widths, can purchase additional complete spray hoods, which can be changed over quickly and easily.


Brush set for spray hoods
For some applications, additional shielding may be desired in order to be absolutely sure that drift will not occur, even in strong wind conditions. For this, brushes are offered as auxiliary equipment for spray hoods.