Mounted units for large area spraying

Spraying systems for mounting or attachment to vehicles are ideally suited for spraying large(s) areas, e.g. in orchards and vineyards, as well as row cultivation and larger green spaces. Various models are available for front and rear-mounting, exclusively for rear or front-mounting, as well as models for simple attachment to a wide range of vehicles. Spray hoods, including their spray widths, number and configuration, can be adapted to the area of application, e.g. for narrow strip spraying along rows or full-surface coverage of wide paths. Different, mostly variable extension widths are available.

MANKAR-Drive models are split into two series, which differ above all with regard to the type of herbicide metering:

Mankar® DRIVE-E


Time-dependent metering via an electric pump

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Mankar® DRIVE-P


Path-dependent metering via a wheel-driven pump

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