Thanks to its compact design and innovative add-on modules, the versatile BioMant Compact is ideally suited for use in gardens and on small surface as well as for the treatment of larger areas. A high water flow rate of 9 liters per minute ensures a fast working speed.

Two versions are available:

  • BioMant-Compact EL with an electric pump, which requires a 230-Volt power supply
  • BioMant-Compact BE with an integrated petrol engine to drive the pump

Both models are self-priming and can be connected to the water mains or used as an independent unit with a specially adapted tank module.

A 3-point-hitch for easy front or rear assembly, as well as a robust, easily movable chassis with large wheels for mobile use are available as optional modules. For transport and easy assembly on trailers and loading platforms of vehicles the modules are equipped with a SKID platform.

BioMant-Compact with tank on a Pickup BioMant-Compact on a municipal vehicle BioMant-Compact with 3-point-hitch BioMant-Compact in use BioMant-Compact in use BioMant-Compact in use BioMant-Compact for high pressure cleaning