The BioMant-Flex is particularly strong because of its low energy consumption of both pump technology and diesel boiler. And because of the small 24 V battery pack as well as the optimised design, the weight of the machine could be considerable reduced so that the Flex can be installed even on smaller carrier vehicles. In addition to the very quiet battery pack, the it can optionally be powered by hydraulics or the battery pack of an electrical municipal vehicle so that the working time can be increased even more.

The BioMant-Flex has a water flow rate of 15l / min, which allows for quicker working speeds and the treatment of larger areas. The intuitive touchscreen enables simple operation and thanks to its modular structure and many available accessories,  the system can be optimally adapted to your personal requirements and a variety of application situation.

BioMant-Flex with hose drum on a Pick-Up BioMant-Flex for disinfection with hot water of e.g. playgrounds BioMant-Flex control panel with intuitive touchscreen BioMant-Flex, easy maintenance due to large inspection cover