Hot water spraying systems for thermal weed control

BioMant is the most effective weed control method for those places where the use of herbicides is not allowed or is not desired.
There are various BioMant models available from the Mini for small areas to ONE/TWO for large municipal areas and the Agro version for organic row cultivations.

BioMant Mini

BioMant Aqua WS-Mini

For small areas, parths and gardens
Max. working capacity: 1000 m2 / h
Propulsion/Pump: Electric (240V)
Water heating: Diesel

BioMant Compact

BioMant Aqua WS-Compact

For small and large areas
Max. working capacity: 1500 m2 / h
Propulsion/Pump: Electric (240V) or petrol
Water heating: Diesel

BioMant Flex

BioMant Aqua Flex

Great for larger areas
Max. working capacity: 3600 m2 / h
Propulsion/Pump: 24V battery
Water heating: Diesel 



For large areas
Max. working capacity: 3600 m2 / h
Propulsion/Pump: Battery / Petrol / LPG
Water heating: Diesel / LPG