BioMant accessories

For BioMant devices there are several accessories and for BioMant-Compact and BioMant-ONE/TWO models some add-on modules. Below you find a selection of accessories and add-on modules which are demanded quite often. As we continuously develop new solutions for our customers this is not a complete overview. Should you have any questions or need a different solution, please send us your request.

Accessories for all BioMant models


BioMant set of lances

Set of lances
One low and one high pressure lance with insulated grip (including spray gun)


Set of lance storage clips
Set of lance storage clips for one lance for BioMant-Compact and BioMant-ONE/TWO.

BioMant Handsprühwagen

BioMant spray cart
with 50 cm spray width.


Spike lance, dirt buster and several surface cleaners
These accessories are useful for specific weeds like invasive species or for cleaning of flat surface.


Hose drums
Various hose drums are available, depending on the BioMant model.


Depending on the BioMant model and mounted hose drum the approriate lenght of hose can be selected.

BioMant Anbau-Spritzbalken

Spray boom
For BioMant-ONE and BioMant-Compact hydraulically operated spray booms with 50 cm spray widths are available. For BioMant-TWO models there is a 100 cm spray boom.


Spray boom with Flex spray hood
For use in row cultivations as well as in public areas for the treatment of weeds within the rows, below bushes and around street furniture like garbage cans and traffic signs.

Lance with spray bar 150 mm

Lance with spray bar 150 mm
Alternative for the standard low pressure lance

Electric cart 1500 for BioMant Compact

Electric cart 1500 for BioMant Compact
Drive: 1500W, battery: AGM 24V (2 x 12V)


Add-on modules for BioMant-Compact models

Räder-Set Compact

2 caster wheels front, 2 big wheels rear

Watertank module

Watertank module
Whith this specically adapted tank module the BioMant-Compact becomes a compact but autargically usable device which still fits on small trailers.