The Unima-P models are specially designed for mounting on single-axle vehicles. They are, for example, ideal for Christmas tree nurseries. A wheel-driven pump ensures accurate, path-dependent metering.
The unit is equipped with electronic battery and motor monitoring, which indicates via a coloured LED whether the unit is functioning correctly (green), whether the battery is dead (yellow) or whether the atomiser is malfunctioning, e.g. due to dirt, (red).

Technical data

No. of atomisers: 2
Metering: wheel-driven pump
Tank volume: 6 litres
Surface coverage: up to 6 ha
Battery life: 8 h

Unima-TWO-P 110 Flex on single-axle vehicles Unima-TWO-P 110 Flex

Unima TWO-P 50 FLEX

Unima-TWO-P 110 Flex

Spray width: 30-50 cm
Weight: 23 kg
Article no.: 103970

Unima TWO-P 80 FLEX

Unima-TWO-P 110 Flex

Spray width: 60-80 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Article no.: 103971

Unima TWO-P 110 FLEX

Unima-TWO-P 110 Flex

Spray width: 70-110 cm
Weight: 28 kg
Article no.: 103972