Mantra / Mini-Mantra

The Mantra is the largest portable unit with a spray width of 50 cm.

It was developed especially for flexible deployment in Christmas tree nurseries and for forestry applications. Heavy branches can be lifted without a problem thanks to the highly stable spray hood attachment, so that even those areas underneath the trees are easily accessible. A carrying strap provides relief to the back and arms while working. Further areas of application include nurseries, areas around high-voltage pylons or along pipelines, etc.

The Mini-Mantra models are predecessors of the MANKAR-HQ units. Three different types were sold:

  • Micro-Mantra (round spray hood, 20 cm spray width)
  • Mini-Mantra (square spray hood, 10-30 cm spray width)
  • Mini-Mantra Plus (green, semi-circular spray hood, 15-45 cm spray width)

These units are now no longer in production. You can, of course, still order spare parts for your existing Mini-Mantra (Plus).

The Mantra is ideal for use in forestry applications The Mini-Mantra Plus hand-held spray unit was one of the most sold MANDAR ULV spray systems until the introduction of the MANKAR-HQ 45!



Spray width: 50 cm
No. of atomisers: 1
Metering: Gravity/metering valve
Tank volume: 1 litre
Surface coverage: depends on herbicide
Weight: 5.0 kg
Battery life: 8 h
Article no.: 101994