Inverter (art. no. 102520)
A power connection for recharging MANKAR® batteries may not be available at all times or at all locations. Using an auxiliary inverter module, the charging device delivered with the unit can also be powered via a car cigarette lighter. Other charging devices (e.g. mobile telephone) can also be connected.


Armrest for HQ with 1-litre tank (art. no. 103481)
The first MANKAR-HQ series was only available with a 0.5-litre tank. As many users want to benefit from comfortable handling with armrests, an armrest is now available with a 1-litre tank as an optional extra or when ordering a new system.


Auxiliary power pack with belt (art. no. 103977)
For anyone wanting to work with a MANKAR-HQ for longer than 8 hours a day, e.g. in 2-shift operation, there is an auxiliary power pack that can be worn as a belt.


A full list of accessories can be obtained on request.