Research & development

Manits strives to always maintain the highest quality and offer the most innovative spraying systems. We therefor constantly invest in new ideas and technologly to not only service markets knows to us but also develop and offer new solutions for an ever involving market.

We have our own Research & Development Team and designated facility from where we continuously engineer and test new and sustainable solutions in spraying technology.

Areas of research

For more than 40 years, the core of every Mantis ULV spray system is a specially developed and patented atomiser.

  • Special ULV rotation atomisers with horizontal rotation disc ensure optimum coverage of a wide variety of surfaces, e.g. moulds for prefabricated concrete parts or the skin of potatoes and(citrus)fruit.
  • With the segment rotation atomiser with vertical rotation disc, undiluted herbicides can be used with minimum risk of drift and a herbicide saving of up to 80%.

Ongoing advancements in technology and our experience mean that we are working continuously on improving the quality and operating accuracy of the atomisers we develop and manufacture.

The BL-type industrial atomiser generates tiny droplets with a uniform droplet spectrum Patented segment rotation atomiser from Mantis, core element of all MANKAR® ULV spraying systems

In 2014, in cooperation with Naïo Technologies in Toulouse (France), Mantis developed a ULV spraying system for a fully automated robot, which is being used for weed control in tree nurseries and the vegetable growing industry.

MANKAR® ULV mounted spraying system used on a robot from Naïo Technologies

Drones that can works completely autonomously have clear advantages: huge resource savings and reduced noise pollution. These "vehicles" require special tools and machinery that need to fulfil special requirements, e.g. an extremely light weight and low electrical consumption.

MANKAR® ULV spraying systems are ideal for weed control with drones, as they work with undiluted herbicides at a rate of 1 l/ha, meaning that there is no need to transport large volumes of water. In several ongoing research projects, Mantis is working on the advancement of the best possible application methods for these innovative equipment carriers.

What a drone with a MANKAR® ULV spray system may look like

Our new BioMant offering of hot water machines is based on the technology of a Dutch partner and has been enhanced by Mantis with, for example, our Flexible spray hoods in order to widen its scope of application. With the addition of BioMant to our existing MANKAR systems, Mantis now offers a complete range of spraying systems for professional weed control, with or without the use of herbicides.

For the applications of biological herbicides, Mantis has its own in-house development project, which aims to optimise ULV technology so its benefits can also be used in biological applications. However, many biological herbicides have not yet gained regulatory approval in Europe.


Prototype "BioMant" Agro