Public and animal health

In the area of public and animal health, there are numerous applications for ULV spraying systems from Mantis. They allow an economical, fine and even dispersion of various liquids over surfaces and/or in the air.

For example, disinfectants can be sprayed in swimming pools, hospitals or restaurants. Essential oils or even water can be distributed in the air, e.g. in livestock housing to alleviate or prevent breathing difficulties in animals. Insecticides and fungicides achieve the best possible treatment results in livestock housing, greenhouses and other buildings using ULV spraying systems from Mantis.

The ROFA unit is the perfect choice for all liquids that need to sprayed into a space or room and/or that should remain in the air as long as possible. The ULV rotation atomiser generates small droplets, which float in the air for several minutes and descent very slowly. Using an integral fan, the droplets can be sprayed up to 7 m into the space.

For spraying liquids on surfaces, the BEMA hand-held units are ideal, like for industrial applications. Depending on the area of application, even larger MANTIS ULV® spraying systems may be suitable.

For advice specific to your area of application, contact our Technical Team!