Advantages and technology of the Rofa ULV spraying system

The ROFA ULV spraying systems can be used for a wide variety of generally undiluted liquids and, similarly to all other Mantis ULV spraying system, they are based on the ULV (ultra low volume) technology. This means that an extremely small amount of liquid is required to achieve an optimal result.

In ROFA units, a fan ensures optimum distribution of the tiny even droplets in the air. This feature makes it an ideal solution for all liquids that need to sprayed into the air and stay there for as long as possible.

  • Saves money: very little liquid product required
  • Saves time: quick to use
  • Optimum treatment outcome: even distribution
  • Light weight, easy to operate
  • Versatile

Example: Advantages for insect control in livestock housing 

Less insecticide used -->For livestock housing of 500 m², just 50 – 80 ml of formula treatment product is required.
From 1 ml of liquid product, the high rotation speed of 12,000 rpm generates approx. 45 million droplets, which are distributed evenly throughout the room. This significantly reduces consumption when compared to conventional methods. As the insects too are in constant motion, the product reaches them automatically, leading to a success virtually unachievable with other spraying methods.

Less time --> It takes just 5-7 min to cover 500 m²!
Rapid rotation and the downstream fan distribute the substance evenly with a reach of up to 7 m. Simply walk along the central aisle and spray first on one site and then on the other. There is no long preparation time, as the product can be used in its undiluted state.

Easy to use
ROFA is extremely easy to use: Pour in the liquid product, switch on the unit, set the valve to blue for flying insects … and you're ready to go. The ROFA weighs just 2.4 kg plus the small quantity of undiluted liquid product.

This new unit technology was successfully tested by the German health authority in Berlin in long-term practical trials together in conjunction with environmental, bio-degradable formula treatment products. For example, natural pyrethrum extract was tested against beetles and against flying insects in livestock housing. The active substance has an immediate, particularly high elimination rate and extremely economical consumption.

With the ROFA unit, the quantity of insecticide required can be minimised ROFA ULV spray unit for insect control, e.g. with pyrethrum formula treatment products

The ULV rotation atomiser generates microscopic droplets, which float in the air for several minutes and then descent very slowly. The spectrum of droplet sizes is defined so that the droplets can be proven not to be respirable by the livestock (approx. 35 µ = 0.035 mm). A fan ensures optimum distribution of the tiny uniform droplets.

Technical data

Tank volume: 500 ml
Weight: 2.4 kg (empty weight)
Drive: rechargeable battery
Life: approx. 60 minutes

ROFA ULV spraying unit for insect control, e.g. with pyrethrum formula treatment products