Advantages and technology of the Rofa ULV spraying system

Low consumption; saves money

The high rotation speed of 12,000 rpm creates approx. 45 million droplets from 1 ml of preparation, which are evenly distributed in space. This significantly reduces consumption of the liquid product used compared to conventional methods.

Saves time

Due to the fast rotating and fan-assisted  atomiser, the liquid agent is distributed evenly over a distance of up to 7 m. Just walk across the room and spray on all sides. There is no set-up time since the preparation is most often used undiluted. Only 5-7 minutes are required for 500 m²!

Easy to handle

ROFA is very easy to use: fill the tank, switch on the device, set the valve to the desired setting and off you go. In addition, ROFA weighs only 2.4 kg plus the small amount of the undiluted preparation.


The ROFA can be used successfully for spraying many different agents in different areas such as in offices, public buildings, indoor swimming pools, hospitals or restaurants as well as stables and greenhouses.

With the ROFA unit, the quantity of insecticide required can be minimised ROFA ULV spray unit for insect control, e.g. with pyrethrum formula treatment products

The ULV rotation atomiser generates microscopic droplets, which float in the air for several minutes and then descent very slowly. The spectrum of droplet sizes is defined so that the droplets can be proven not to be respirable by the livestock (approx. 35 µ = 0.035 mm). A fan ensures optimum distribution of the tiny uniform droplets.

Technical data

Tank volume: 500 ml
Weight: 2.4 kg (empty weight)
Drive: rechargeable battery
Life: approx. 60 minutes

ROFA ULV spraying unit for insect control, e.g. with pyrethrum formula treatment products