The MAFEX®-Silage sprayers are based on ULV (ultra low volume) technology, which enables the application of liquid silage agents without additional water. The low-maintenance hose pump and enhanced rotation atomiser ensure optimum distribution of the active agent with a uniform droplet size. Depending on the type of chopper, baler, forage wagon or conveyor various unit mounting options are available.

To achieve optimum effectiveness of the silage additive, it is important to ensure an even distribution of the active agent.

With the MAFEX® unit, this is accomplished by means of centrifugal force using a specially developed rotation disc that generates approx. 30 million droplets from 1 ml of liquid, achieving optimum efficiency.

Two different control units are available. Both allow for the setting of the desired volume and include monitoring of the atomiser during operation as well as a signaling alarm in case of malfunction. Whereas the simple version only has a switch and manual dial to change the settings, the enhanced version additionally ensures the control of all functions of the system, such as automatic suction and the conveyance of the liquid to the atomiser prior to starting the application. Furthermore, it includes monitoring of the flow rate and an additional acoustic alarm as well as a display, which shows the actual flow rate and total volume.

Pump unit and tank are outside on the chopper, the control unit in the cab