The all-round wetting of the crop's surface is indispensable for fighting pests. Individual active substance particles must cover the entire surface with the least possible gaps. In order to achieve an equal distribution, the quantity of formula treatment product available must be dispersed as a multitude of uniform droplets.

With the MAFEX® system, this is accomplished by means of centrifugal force using a specially developed rotation disc that generates approx. 30 million droplets from 1 ml of liquid. The droplets are uniformly deposited on the surface through the vertical air stream generated by the rotation disc and gravity, as well as by the rotating and falling motion of the potatoes or fruit. In this manner, an optimal effectiveness is achieved.

Automatic priming of the system, meaning a check of all functions and the conveyance of liquid to the atomiser(s) prior to the start of application, is made possible by a modern control unit. Desired volumes can be set directly on the control unit. During operation, atomiser function is monitored and an alarm function is triggered in the event of a malfunction. A flow rate controller is also available as an option.

The following video includes a demonstration of the functioning of a MAFEX® sprayer:

Function of the MAFEX Potato-Fruit Spray width diagram Potato with sprayed layer