Accessories for MAFEX® ULV sprayers

Mobile stand

MAFEX® with mobile stand
  • Easy mounting of the MAFEX® system
  • Height adjustable
  • For mobile and flexible use
  • Independent of other machines and devices
  • For MAFEX® systems with 1-2 atomisers

Specially adapted roller table for MAFEX®

MAFEX with roller table
  • Table, spray chamber and rolls in stainless steel
  • Clean: excess liquid is collected for reuse
  • Step-less speed control: adjustable to the desired tonnage
  • Mobile and flexible: table with wheels and height adjustment
  • Charge and discharge chute
  • Length 200 cm, width 80 cm – other models available on request

Crop flow monitoring

MAFEX® mit mobilem Ständer
  • Sensor based system
  • Easily added to your current installation
  • Uncomplicated integration into shutdown management tool (ASDM)
  • Contactless detection of crop flow