Areas of application

What are MAFEX®-Silage spraying systems used for?

Mafex-Silage spraying systems are used for direct application of liquid silage additives (e.g. Bon Silage from Schaumann GmbH) during chopping, baling, conveying or loading on a forage wagon.

Where and how is a MAFEX®-Silage unit mounted?

The protected atomiser unit is mounted in a suitable place on the field chopper, baler or forage wagon using a suitable adapter.

Thanks to its special design and the mounting bracket, the atomiser cannot become blocked.

With John Deere choppers, the atomiser unit is, for example, fitted on the accelerator so that the plant parts are wetted with the active agent before being discharged.

However with New Holland choppers, the atomiser unit can be fitted on the accelerator as well as on the feed rollers.

As a rule, the atomiser unit can be fitted on any field chopper, baler or forage wagon (e.g. Claas, Krone, etc.)

Stationary installations on conveyor systems, for example, are also available.


  • Optimisation of the silage process
  • Minimum application volumes
  • Optimal distribution of the active silage agent
  • Flexible mounting options
Mounting example: pump unit (blue box) and the tank are placed on the outside of the chopper  The atomiser is integrated into the chopper and cannot be seen from the outside. The control unit is located in the driver's cabine.