Areas of application MAFEX®-Potato/Fruit

What are MAFEX®-Potato/Fruit spraying systems used for?

In general, MAFEX systems can be used to apply any liquid. The most popular are:

  1. the liquid treatment of potatoes with seed coating agents, fungicides and anti-sprouting products (e.g. Diabolo®, Fungazil® 100 SL, GROSTOP ® Basis, NeoNet® Start, MonCut®, Magnate® 100 SL, liquid Cuprozin® or even MitoBAR)
  2. the treatment of citrus fruits and other fruits with various types of wax and fungicides.
  3. the use of water for dust binding

Where and how is a MAFEX®-Potato/Fruit unit mounted?

Atomisers for use with potatoes, for example, may be mounted on harvesters, box fillers or conveyor belts, with the preferred positioning being right above a drop of the crop. For treatment of fruit, atomisers can be mounted, for example, above the sorting table.

For MAFEX® units with 1 or maximum 2 atomisers, mobile stands are also available.


  • Optimal active substance distribution
  • Uniform wetting of the potatoes or fruit
  • Reduction of the application volume
Installation of a MAFEX-Potato/1 spraying system on a packaging system for treatment with anti-sprouting products after washing, drying and sorting of the potatoes. Treatment of fruit