Capacity up to maximum 500 t/h
Connection to the on-board power supply with an RG90 port or a connector for an SW20 cigarette lighter.
Technical data on request.

Atomiser unit

  • MAFEX rotation atomiser with protective housing
  • Fixing adapter (an adapter for a Claas chopper is shown, other adapters are available)
  • Droplet size approx. 45 micrometres

Control unit (enhanced version)

  • Large display
  • Dust and water-repellent keypad
  • Fully automatic priming
  • Quantity setting
  • Atomiser monitoring
  • Flow rate control
  • Alarm function

Control unit (basic version)

  • Quantity setting
  • Atomiser monitoring
  • Alarm function

Pump unit

  1. Low-maintenance hose pump
  2. 10-litre tank for silage additives
  3. Pump unit bracket made of rust-free stainless steel