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Economical use of release agent with ULV spraying technology

At the INTERMAT exhibition in Paris (France), we will be showcasing various MANTIS ULV spraying systems for the application of release agents at the stand of Béton Stone Consulting (BSC).

A demonstration model of a ULV spraying system and its components for installation in production and circulation systems can also be viewed, as can the current BEMA hand-held spray units.  

All units from Mantis are based on ULV technology. ULV stands for ultra low volume, and illustrates the purpose of this technology, to achieve the desired effect of a liquid with the lowest possible application volume. ULV technology centres around rotation atomisers specially developed by Mantis, which generate droplets of a uniform size and ensure particularly even distribution. This can also reduce release agent consumption by up to 75%. The surface structure of the concrete is also improved, as the release agent is evenly distributed. Other advantages are easy installation and low energy consumption.

BL-type industrial atomiser, Download (jpg, 300 dpi)

he BL industrial atomiser ensures optimum release agent distribution