Mantis ULV® system components and configurations

Spraying system with hose pump and control unit

with hose pump and control unit
Suitable if you want to control and monitor the spraying system independently. Up to four pumps or atomisers can be operated with one control unit. Independent MANTIS ULV spraying systems are available with 1-4 atomisers.


  • The pump set enables extension from one to two pumps or atomisers.
  • The control unit enables monitoring of the atomisers
  • The current supply rate and the volume already applied can be read off the display

Spraying system with 6-piston pump without a separate control unit

with 6-piston pump without a separate control unit
Suitable above all for integration into a centrally controlled production line. A separate pump is fitted for each atomiser.


  • The spraying systems can be switched on and off via PLC.
  • The supply rate can be adjusted individually for each atomiser at the relevant 6-piston pump.
  • Any number of atomisers can be selected.


The exact system set-up is tailored to the customer's specific requirements. Both systems require a power supply unit and the desired quantity of rotation atomisers. Generally, it is best to use the pump unit from Mantis with the atomisers, as it is optimally matched to the demands of the atomiser. The atomiser and pump controller can, if necessary, also be integrated by the customer into an existing production line.

Contact us and we can offer you a spraying system especially suited to your requirements!


Technical data:

Length of the atomiser: 122 mm
Housing diameter: 38 mm
Hose connection: 5 x 22 mm
Atomiser disc diameter: 50 mm
Voltage: 12-15 V
Starting current: 8 A
Continuous current: 2.0 A
Rotational frequency: 12,000 – 15,000 rpm
Maximum flow rate: 250 ml/min
Droplet size: approx. 40 micrometres
Spray cone diameter: up to 80 cm

Spray cone of the rotation atomiser up to 80 cm Atomiser unit with rotation atomiser type BL

Hose pump unit

Low-maintenance hose pump with quick-change system/easy load
Pump capacity per atomiser: 2 – 220 ml/min
Pump housing made of stainless steel

Control unit

  • Display
  • Dust and water repellent keypad
  • Fully automatic system priming
  • Flow rate adjustment
  • Atomiser monitoring
  • Acoustic and visual fault report
Control unit and pump set with hose pump

Technical data to follow

Pump set for 6-piston pump without a separate control unit Four piston pump sets for an integrated MANTIS ULV spraying system

Input voltage: 110-230 V
Output voltage: 15 V


Input voltage: 220-400 V
Output voltage: 15 V

Power pack Power pack