Ventajas y técnica del pulverizador ULV BEMA


Mantis offers hand-held sprayers under the BEMA® brand, which are ideally suited for flexible and mobile use in smaller areas.

All BEMA spray systems are based on ULV technology. ULV stands for "Ultra Low Volume", which means "particularly low (output) quantity". This technique can produce much smaller, uniformly sized droplets of liquid compared to traditional sprayers.

The nozzle of the BEMA devices can be rotated sideways. This means that edges and vertical walls can also be sprayed effortlessly without having to turn the entire device.

BEMA P-1000 K BEMA spray pattern

All BEMA spray systems are based on ULV technology, which produces tiny, uniformly sized droplets out of any liquid.

The charging status of the battery and the function of the nozzle are electronically monitored. An LED control light indicates in color whether the device is working correctly, whether the battery needs to be charged or whether there is a malfunction with the nozzle. 

All devices have an integrated forearm support.

There are also BEMA models with a pump, so the nozzle can also be held higher than the release agent tank, thus making the spraying of edges or other vertical surfaces possible.

In addition, the BEMA-P 10,000 model has a 10-liter container that can be carried like a backpack. This means that, even in the case of larger areas or frequent use, the tank only rarely needs to be refilled.

BEMA Boquilla girada Control de batería/boquilla