The BioMant-ONE models are ideal for large surfaces. They are designed as independent systems, including its own water and power supply, but can also be connected to an on-board power supply. Thanks to the modular design a wide range of models and assembly options are available.

Power supply
With an integrated battery pack for significant noise reduction or with a separate hydraulic or fuel generator (on diesel, petrol or gas).

Water heating
In addition to diesel, you can also opt for an environmentally friendly LPG model with up to 70% less CO2 and almost zero soot emissions.

Temperature Control System TCS
The sensor-controlled temperature control system ensures a consistently stable output water temperature of 99.5 ° C, allowing you to work quicker with guaranteed good results.

Water supply
Thanks to the high water flow rate (15 / min), a high working speed can be achieved. With an extra pump and filter, the water tank can even be filled with surface or rainwater.



ONE models are equipped with a single burner and provide a water flow rate of 15 l/h. They are ideal for working with one person at a time and have a maximum spray width of 60 cm and a working capacity of up to 1,800 m2/h.


BioMant-ONE with hose drum BioMant-ONE exploded drawing BioMant-ONE on a trailer BioMant-ONE on a Pickup BioMant-TWO on a trailer