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At the 2018 edition of the IPM, Mantis ULV will present several innovations in the BioMant Aqua hot water range of spraying systems for chemical-free weed control, as well as in the MANKAR ULV herbicide spraying systems and BioMant Herbi models for organic herbicides.

BioMant Aqua sprayers destroy the cell structure of weed with 99.5°C hot water. A new, exceptionally versatile and lightweight spray cart now complements the range of accessories. The spray cart is so light; it can also be used on vertical surface, such as walls, and can therefore effectively treat moss and algae, as well as weed, in all circumstances. Awkward corners are no longer a problem, as the new cart has its wheels mounted behind the spray bar, allowing for full-width spraying. Larger water droplets minimize the heat loss.

The BioMant Aqua WS-Mini and WS-Compact models, very popular with gardening and landscaping companies as well as garden centres, now have an adjustable thermostat, which enables, apart from weed control, high-pressure cleaning at different temperatures. Whereas the larger BioMant Aqua WS-I, WS-II and WS-Agro models are the most environmentally friendly machines of its kind in the market, thanks to the optional LPG heating and battery operated pump, minimising noise and emissions.

MANKAR ULV sprayers ensure large savings in herbicide, thanks to the unique segment rotation atomiser, and are therefore a sound investment. Whether using the handheld, wheelbarrow or attachment sprayers, drift is minimal and cultivated plants are optimally protected. With MANKAR ULV sprayers, the use of herbicides is minimalised whilst guaranteeing a first-class result and significant time saving.

Stand at the IPM: Hall 3, stand no. 3D76

Photos in high resolution:
New BioMant Aqua spray cart Download (jpg)
BioMant Aqua WS-Compact in a garden centre Download (jpg)
BioMant Aqua WS-Compact in a container cultivation Download (jpg)
High pressure cleaning with BioMant Aqua Download (jpg)
BioMant Aqua WS-Agro for weed control with hot water, Download (jpg)

New BioMant Aqua spray cart BioMant Aqua WS-Compact in a garden centre BioMant Aqua WS-Compact in a container cultivatio High pressure cleaning with BioMant Aqua

Ahora hay nuevos vídeos que muestran el montaje de modelos MANKAR-HQ y MANKAR-Roll como también la configuración inicial y la limpieza de las máquinas.

Los videos no tienen explicación verbal y con sólo unas pocas sobreimpresiones de texto. Hemos integrado varios símbolos independientes del idioma. Así los videos están fácil de comprender sin conocimientos de alemán o inglés.

En nuestro canal de YouTube los vídeos están disponibles con sobreimpresiones de texto alemán o inglés:

Montaje MANKAR-HQ:   alemán o inglés
Montaje MANKAR-Roll:  alemán o inglés

Videos de Montaje MANKAR-HQ Videos de Montaje MANKAR-Roll

As of January 4th, Mantis ULV Sprühgeräte GmbH from Germany has taken over Aqualutions from Meclean b.v. in the Netherlands. This takeover is a logical consequence of an intensive international cooperation between Mantis and Meclean that started back in 2015.

With this acquisition, Mantis secures the rights to the production, sales and further development of the hot water technology behind the “WeedSOLUTION” hot water weed control sprayers. Several WeedSOLUTION sprayer models are already in the market, for various areas of application.  By spraying the unwanted plants with hot water, the cell structure of the weed is destroyed and the plant will die.
According to Hiske Weissmann, director and owner of Mantis, this acquisition is an important step for the future of the company. "More and more of our current and potential customers are interested in alternative, non-chemical, methods of weed control. With this expansion, we can now offer a full program of sprayers; for herbicides, bio-herbicides and hot water and therewith allow our dealers to provide solutions for both traditional and organic weed control to their customer.

Mantis will integrate Aqualutions in its existing offering of professional weed control sprayers, under the BioMant Aqua name.  

More information about BioMant can be found on the Mantis website.

Photos (300 dpi):
Hiske Weissmann (Mantis) und Coen Verhelst (Meclean), Download (jpg, 300 dpi)
BioMant Aqua WS-I, Download (jpg, 300 dpi)
BioMant Aqua WS-Compact, Download (jpg, 300 dpi)


Hiske Weissmann (Mantis) and Coen Verhelst (Meclean) BioMant Aqua WS-I in use BioMant Aqua WS-Compact in use

At the 2017 edition of the IPM, Mantis ULV presented, for the first time, its entirely new offering of professional spraying solutions for weed control. The company not only makes and sells its proven MANKAR range of herbicide-saving ULV-sprayers, but now also offers a its new BioMant range of sprayers for organic cultivations and other applications where the use of chemicals is not desired or allowed. The BioMant range consists of BioMant Aqua hot water sprayers, as well as BioMant Herbi models for bio-herbicides.

The BioMant Aqua sprayers destroy the cell structure of weeds with 99.5°C hot water. In contrast to mechanical methods, the ground is not churned and therefore it is difficult for new weeds to grow.  Also, the BioMant Aqua models provide a higher flow rate and environment-friendly heating and propulsion options such as LPG heating and an electrical pump drive, making them a feared new competitor in the market. Of course, the popular Flex spray hoods of Mantis, which fold back when hitting an obstacle, are also to be found in combination with the new BioMant models, thus opening up the benefits of chemical-free weed control to the agricultural sector, and more specifically, to row cultivations.

The BioMant Herbi machines combine various new application features with proven existing technologies, in order to effectively apply bio-herbicides, even undiluted.

MANKAR ULV sprayers, thanks to the unique segment rotation atomiser, continue to ensure an exact and minimal use of herbicides and herbicide mixtures, with minimal risk of drift and optimal protection of the cultivated plants. The MANKAR range consist of handheld, wheelbarrow or “Drive”- models, that can be mounted to most vehicles.

The complete offering of professional spraying solutions for weed control, whether for herbicides, bio-herbicides or hot water, can be found at the Mantis Stand during this year’s IPM.

Stand at the IPM: Halle 3, Stand 3D76

Photos (300 dpi):
BioMant Aqua WS-Agro, Download (jpg, 300 dpi)
BioMant Aqua WS-Compact, Download (jpg, 300 dpi)
BioMant Aqua WS-Compact with additional tank and power generator on a trailer Download (jpg, 300 dpi)

BioMant Aqua WS-Agra for weed control with hot water in row cultivations