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Thanks to the professional weed control solutions from Mantis ULV, you can beat weed wherever it grows; whether in container production, row cultivations, lawns or around buildings. Mantis offers two types of systems.

In conventionally managed cultivations, MANKAR ULV (ultra-low volume) spraying systems ensure responsible and economic yet effective weed control, by considerably reducing the amount of herbicide needed. Thanks to the special drift-reducing atomiser most herbicides and herbicide mixtures can be applied without having to add water, thus saving a considerable amount of time. The versatile range of sprayer models includes handheld and wheelbarrow sprayers, as well as larger sprayers for vehicle mounting, all customisable to your specific needs. The time and money thus saved in combatting weed make for an interesting investment that quickly pays for itself.

On the other hand, for public areas and in organic cultivations, BioMant hot water sprayers ensure weed control without any use of chemicals. The different models provide an excellent price-performance ratio for a wide range of application area. Whereas the BioMant-Mini is ideal for small and narrow spaces around buildings, the BioMant-ONE and TWO models are especially suited to cover larger areas. The BioMant-Compact, with or without water tank and integrated power generator, offers optimal flexibility for example for use in container productions and row cultivations.

A multitude of accessories is available, including different lances, spray carts, attachment spray bars as well as extension arms with flex spray hoods for easy use along and within rows of trees.

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Photos in high resolution:
BioMant spray cart and lance Download (jpg)
MANKAR-TWO Flex in a nursery Download (jpg)
MANKAR-TWO Flex in a nursery 2 Download (jpg)
Flexomant-TWO-S for small rows, Download (jpg)
Flexomant-TWO with extension arm, Download (jpg)
BioMant-Compact-BE on a tractor Download (jpg)

BioMant spray cart and lance MANKAR-TWO Flex in a nursery Flexomant-TWO-S for small rows Flexomant-TWO with extension arm BioMant-Compact-BE on a tractor

Mantis ULV-Sprühgeräte GmbH presents their redesigned BioMant hot water spraying machine for chemical-free weed control. Thanks to optimized technology and a new design, the new BioMant machines are even more efficient and can now more easily be mounted on or attached to vehicles of all types.

As the only manufacturer to date, Mantis also offers models with LPG heating, which minimize harmful emissions and are therefore of particular interest to cities struggling with excessive CO2 levels. Even the power supply can be environmentally friendly and quiet, via an integrated battery pack. Mantis also offers a range of practical accessories such as an innovative lightweight hand-held spray cart and the special Flex spray hoods, which fold back when touching obstacles like trash cans or traffic signs.

Alongside BioMant, the esteemed MANKAR ULV sprayers will also be on display. For effective and sustainable weed control, especially for exotic weeds such as giant hogweed and ragweed, as well as for the use of selective herbicides on lawns, MANKAR offers an environmentally friendly and at the same time economic and effective solution. Thanks to their unique segment rotary nozzle, they minimize not only the amount of herbicide used but also the risk of drift. Hall 9, Booth 9-318 at the Galabau, Nürnberg. For more information, please visit our website

Pictures in high resolution:

BioMant Compact with tank download (jpg)
BioMant Compact with tank download (jpg)
BioMant Compact with tank on a pickup download (jpg)
BioMant ONE on a pickup download (jpg)
BioMant TWO on a trailer download (jpg)
BioMant Compact easy transport download (jpg)
BioMant Flex spray hood download (jpg)
BioMant Compact with chassis download (jpg)

BioMant Flex spray hood

For MANKAR-HQ and MANKAR-Roll sprayers, useful videos showing the preparation for first and maintenance of the sprayers are now available. The videos are without spoken text and we have used symbols wherever possible to make them easy to understand.

On our YouTube channel videos with English and German text overlays are available :
•    Assembly video MANKAR-HQ English
•    Assembly video MANKAR-Roll English

Assembly video for Mankar-HQ Assembly video for Mankar-Roll